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Shiny Wig Fiber Tutorial

Making Wigs (and wig fibers) Less Shiny Tutorial!  I’m not sure how useful people will find this, but I’ve used it a lot so I may as well share in the hopes that it’s useful to someone else!
Sometimes you buy wigs and extensions and they’re lovely and nothing needs to be done to them – places like Arda Wigs already have fantastic fibers on their wigs.  However, I like to get a lot of my wig supplies from my local Beauty Supply Store (er, that’s actually the name of it) downtown.  It’s just so convenient, inexpensive, and I don’t have to wait for stuff to arrive in the mail.  The downside to this is that a lot of their extensions are really obnoxiously shiny and plastic-y looking.  They have that undeniable PARTY WIG look about them.  And that is an awful thing.
So here’s how I take care of it!  First, brush out your wig or extensions to get rid of tangles- then fill a bowl or bucket (I think I used a vase in these photos) with liquid fabric softener.  You don’t need any sort of fancy fabric softener- just pick some up from the dollar store and you’ll be fine.  Submerge your wig/extensions in the fabric softener and swish them around a bit to make sure that they’re fully coated in the stuff – then leave them to stew in that for about a week.

When the week is up, rinse your wig/extensions in cold/lukewarm water (don’t use soap!).  Hang them up to dry.  Once dry, shake baby powder/talcum powder onto the wig/extensions and brush through- applying more powder as you feel necessary.  The fabric softener takes away a bit of the shine and also helps the powder to stick to the wig fibers and mute the obnoxious shine.  Style however you want, applying more powder if you feel it’s needed.

I did this on my Leia extensions so that they matched my own hair better (since… my real hair is not QUITE as shiny as a party wig), and also on my Sailor Moon ponytails since they were originally very very shiny!  I’ve used it on a few other wigs and sets of extensions and like the way it makes the fibers look more natural and less shiny.

(download the image to view properly- it’s a bit large…)


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Custom Fuku Prices and other fun stuff!

I realize I already posted this on both my Facebook page and Twitter, but as this is my… uh… home base?  I should post it here too.

As it says- the price of custom fukus is going to be going up on February 1st!  Anyone ordering before the first will receive the current (lower) price.

As a side note, I’ve opened up a little shop on Etsy which has pretty much the same things as my shop here (minus the full costumes- which are only available through my website).  That can be found here.

There’s some new stuff in the shops but mostly I’ve just been working on commissions lately.  I’ll be at Katsucon in February with some new costumes so please come have a drink with me or just hang out or whatever IT’LL BE SO FUN.  I haven’t been to a convention in over a year and I’m beside myself excited about it.

Site update and stuff for sale!

My closets are overflowing with costumes and I really need to get rid of some of them!  Currently up for sale are Myu Eternal Moon, Venus, and Neptune.  If you have any questions please email me.

I’m sort of on the fence about selling these fukus- I love them rather a lot, but I’m never going to wear them again  so I’d rather that they go to someone who will!

I’ve also finally uploaded this new site layout which has been sitting on my computer for… too long.  I have very mixed feelings about it, but it was time for a change so it’s here now.

I have a couple other things up in the shop section as well- including fuku foam and a few openings for custom made fukus.  I’ll be adding more stuff shortly!

That’s all for now!

*Edit* Added Myu Saturn up for sale as well!


Completely Borked!

I managed to bungle my costume journal here- so any tutorials and convention links are rather… broken.  I’m pretty sure I have backups saved somewhere and will be attempting to repair the damage over the next couple of days.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

Meanwhile, I had a fabulous time at a shoot with lots of friends down in New York City over the weekend and returned home to find a DD over on DeviantArt – thank you so much!  :O


Cosplay For A Cause

I was honored to be asked to take part in ‘Cosplay for a Cause’ – a project full of never before seen photos of cosplayers and illustrations from several professional comic book artists.  All proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross Society to assist in Japan’s Disaster relief aid.  For lots more information and ordering, check out the site:


Seriously, it’s cool stuff.  😀

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  While I don’t usually post about bits in zines, etc. I’m making an exception here.  Mechademia is a very cool publication put out by the University of Minnesota Press, and they did a piece about cosplay photography which they were kind enough to include me in!  Thank you so much Eron, Christopher, and Jenny (though none of you are likely to ever see this post!).  I’m really honored to have my work included and reviewed so highly!  @_@  Mechademia 5: Fanthropologies is available here.

Sailor V for sale!

I’m selling Sailor V – !  I have no intention of wearing her again and rather than take up space in my closet I’d like to see her go to someone who wants to wear her.

eBay listing is > here <

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I’m giving the site an overhaul/redesign so that I can add a bunch of new stuff (about time!) but it’s probably going to take me a while – not like that’s anything new. I just want to say that I haven’t vanished off the face of the earth internet.


Happy New Year! 2009

Oh man I typed this long paragraph of babble about plans for ’09 but it sounded ridiculous. So I’ll just say that I’m cutting back on conventions and will probably only be going to one or two this year. I will continue to cosplay because I love sewing, dressing up, taking pictures, and being a goon in costume with friends. So if you only know me through my website, nothing’s really going to change- but if we hang out a lot at cons, then I’m sorry but I won’t be around as much.
I do have a few projects planned for this year that I’m really excited about, but it would be silly of me to talk about them considering how long it takes me to get photos of things/my short attention span.
So enough rambling, Happy New Year!

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