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Custom Fuku Prices and other fun stuff!

I realize I already posted this on both my Facebook page and Twitter, but as this is my… uh… home base?  I should post it here too.

As it says- the price of custom fukus is going to be going up on February 1st!  Anyone ordering before the first will receive the current (lower) price.

As a side note, I’ve opened up a little shop on Etsy which has pretty much the same things as my shop here (minus the full costumes- which are only available through my website).  That can be found here.

There’s some new stuff in the shops but mostly I’ve just been working on commissions lately.  I’ll be at Katsucon in February with some new costumes so please come have a drink with me or just hang out or whatever IT’LL BE SO FUN.  I haven’t been to a convention in over a year and I’m beside myself excited about it.

Colored Shoes Tutorial

Maybe not so much of a tutorial, but details on how I put together a lot of my shoes for costumes.

I usually use pleather shoes for most costumes because I love the way they look!  Also, they accept paint easily.  So that helps.

There are some awesome options available for painting leather (and faux leather/pleather), but for the longest time I didn’t know about them and I just used acrylic paint and mod podge to color shoes.  It’s cheap, readily available, and I could mix pretty much any color I needed so that the shoes would match my costume.  Generally two-three coats of paint and one coat of mod podge is enough to cover the whole shoe.
The downside to using acrylic is that it can crack (particularly if you use it on tall boots, or anything which needs to flex a lot when you wear it).

For shoes that have extra straps (like Neptune’s and Uranus’s) I cut pieces of pleather, painted them, and sewed them to the shoes.  For Neptune’s I sewed a loop  of elastic to one end of the ankle strap and a button to the inside of the shoe that the loop hooks over.

I hope that helps someone!  I promise, having the strap on Neptune’s shoe match the rest of the shoe looks a lot nicer than using ribbon, and only takes a little bit more time to add on.

As a final note- there are paints made specifically for changing the color of shoes.  Angelus leather paint and Meltonian Nu-Life spray are two that I would absolutely recommend!  For any sort of boots, or shoe with a lot of movement the result is going to last longer using those paints rather than acrylic.

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While everyone and their mother is off having fantastic adventures at San Diego Comic Con, I am … not.  So, to distance myself (and my inner jealousy monster) from the stories of magical fairyland (SDCC) that are currently flooding my Twitter feed – I ran out to take some photos of this Catwoman costume from January.

I don’t like the fabric used for this- it was a sort of metallic black spandex (it was supposed to be a shiny stretch pvc/vinyl but… wasn’t).  I had brief delusions of making it out of latex (Guillem March’s and Adam Hughes’s Catwoman both seem to be fond of latex… )  I love the look of latex, but who in their right mind would fight/climb in it?  I wasn’t willing to tackle the task that would’ve been learning to work in latex at the time that I made this, so settled for this (much cheaper) alternative.

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Catching up…

Leia costume from back in November (I think?) and Pixie from February-!  Still trying to catch up on photo stuff and work on projects for Dragon*Con.  I haven’t been back there since 2000 and am extremely excited for it!

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Completely Borked!

I managed to bungle my costume journal here- so any tutorials and convention links are rather… broken.  I’m pretty sure I have backups saved somewhere and will be attempting to repair the damage over the next couple of days.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

Meanwhile, I had a fabulous time at a shoot with lots of friends down in New York City over the weekend and returned home to find a DD over on DeviantArt – thank you so much!  :O


Hello my poor neglected costume journal.

I have still done no costuming lately (Halloween really doesn’t count).  However, since I am super excited about the new HP movie this month (and a certain HP themed release party) I’m just going to post some random HP crap.  Sounds good?  No?  That’s fine, deal with it.


FFX-2 Berserkers

Work on these costumes started in 2008 (I think?) and they kept getting put off for future cons since we couldn’t find one that all three of us were attending. We finally finished the costumes in 2010 for Katsucon – and we re-made everything on them in the time in between. Our original armor was too heavy, the original fur we thought was too long, so we got new fur, which was too shiny, then we went back to the first fur, made new armor, blah blah etc etc. In the end the only things that stayed the same were our wigs (yes, I know the Yuna wig isn’t all flippy like it ought to be…) and the claws on the paws and feet. Everything else was re-made. There is so much on these costumes! It didn’t seem like so much until we started running out of time to complete them.

I feel like I should also mention that all of this fur started out white, and I dyed and added spots to it – it really doesn’t look like that much fur, but after dying, brushing, and adding spots to all of it – I feel like maybe I never want to look at fur again.
The first time we made our armor out of an air dry clay (I don’t recall the name) and it weighed sort of a lot… so when we re made it all (yeah, because that was fun) we made it out of paperclay. Paperclay is such an amazing invention, I love it. I did not really love gearing up in full winter gear to sit outside and sand it in the middle of winter, but we all do crazy things for cosplay, right?

Well, in any case these costumes were so much fun to wear as a group and held up really well for how frequently we walked into each other/walls in them.



Click here for progress photos of these costumes!

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FFX-2 Berserker Progress

Unfortunately I lost all of my posts leading up to wearing the Berserker costumes… I still have the progress photos from the posts though!  So I wanted to put those up here.

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I’m giving the site an overhaul/redesign so that I can add a bunch of new stuff (about time!) but it’s probably going to take me a while – not like that’s anything new. I just want to say that I haven’t vanished off the face of the earth internet.