More dying. Forgot that the fabric for Uranus’s boob-bow needed to be dyed. Seriously, they need to sell fabrics in more colors, now my hands look like they’ve been dipped in toxic pee. The whole wearing latex gloves to dye stuff hasn’t worked so well for me, I usually manage to stick my whole arm into dye-tinted water at some point and make a nice hand-dye-marinade in the glove. Mmmmm tasty.
Finished my silly Neptune shoes, which somehow took the same amount of time as making a bodysuit. Figured out another way of attaching the sailor collars, so I think I’ll mess around with that, hopefully it looks better than my moon collar.
I’ve been shoving food in my face like it’s going out of style, so here’s hoping I fit into this costume this weekend. Filet mignon, banana stuffed french toast with strawberry butter, and stuffed mushrooms yuuuuuuuum. Man, now I want a snack.

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