I began working on this costume in November of ’11 and didn’t actually end up taking photos of it until sometime in July of ’12… I’m not particularly thrilled with how it turned out (fabric choices). However, I do really like Catwoman as a character and had been eager to dress up as her. So, this is the result!

The bodysuit was really straighforward and I made up a quick pattern for the hood with cat ears (which I really wish I’d modified a little so that the point in the front didn’t flip up!). The whip was purchased online and I just added a little cat charm that I cut from aluminum. The glasses/goggles were also bought online and modified by taking off the earpieces and adding points to the tops.




While everyone and their mother is off having fantastic adventures at San Diego Comic Con, I am … not.  So, to distance myself (and my inner jealousy monster) from the stories of magical fairyland (SDCC) that are currently flooding my Twitter feed – I ran out to take some photos of this Catwoman costume from January.

I don’t like the fabric used for this- it was a sort of metallic black spandex (it was supposed to be a shiny stretch pvc/vinyl but… wasn’t).  I had brief delusions of making it out of latex (Guillem March’s and Adam Hughes’s Catwoman both seem to be fond of latex… )  I love the look of latex, but who in their right mind would fight/climb in it?  I wasn’t willing to tackle the task that would’ve been learning to work in latex at the time that I made this, so settled for this (much cheaper) alternative.

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Catching up…

Leia costume from back in November (I think?) and Pixie from February-!  Still trying to catch up on photo stuff and work on projects for Dragon*Con.  I haven’t been back there since 2000 and am extremely excited for it!

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I don’t have a whole lot to say about this costume. I put it together for a shoot and realized some mistakes I made a bit belatedly. The gauntlet things are craft foam with resin X’s and half spheres held together haphazardly with contact cement and nail glue and then spray painted. I was really surprised that they turned out as not-awful as they did considering what a last minute effort they were!

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Completely Borked!

I managed to bungle my costume journal here- so any tutorials and convention links are rather… broken.  I’m pretty sure I have backups saved somewhere and will be attempting to repair the damage over the next couple of days.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

Meanwhile, I had a fabulous time at a shoot with lots of friends down in New York City over the weekend and returned home to find a DD over on DeviantArt – thank you so much!  :O


Free Comic Book Day 2011

I had a fantastic time at Free Comic Book Day a few weeks ago with Kelly (Dr. Natu) and Larissa (Enchantress)!

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Cosplay For A Cause

I was honored to be asked to take part in ‘Cosplay for a Cause’ – a project full of never before seen photos of cosplayers and illustrations from several professional comic book artists.  All proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross Society to assist in Japan’s Disaster relief aid.  For lots more information and ordering, check out the site:


Seriously, it’s cool stuff.  😀

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Shiny Things (A Tiara Tutorial)

Since the last one was lost, I’ll… retype this.  ;__;

This is just a sort of simple tutorial for how I make my moony tiaras (and any other shiny things on costumes when I am feeling lazy).

Also, since this is a lot of text here is the short version:

Cut out craft foam and stick metallic spandex to it with spray adhesive or rubber cement.  Then attach other do-dads and stick the whole mess to your face.  Ta-da!

If that’s not what you wanted, here’s the long winded version:


  • Craft Foam (1 sheet of the thin (3mm) stuff)
  • Card stock or light plastic
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Cement/Contact Cement or Spray Adhesive
  • Gold Metallic Spandex (about 1 sq ft)
  • Glue (E-6000!)
  • Gem Thingy (Star or Oval Cabochon depending on what version you’re doing)
  • Bobby pins to attach this thing to your face (optional)

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  While I don’t usually post about bits in zines, etc. I’m making an exception here.  Mechademia is a very cool publication put out by the University of Minnesota Press, and they did a piece about cosplay photography which they were kind enough to include me in!  Thank you so much Eron, Christopher, and Jenny (though none of you are likely to ever see this post!).  I’m really honored to have my work included and reviewed so highly!  @_@  Mechademia 5: Fanthropologies is available here.

Potter Party!

Potter Party Potter Party Potter Party – Yay!


We hung a bunch of fake candles from the ceiling to imitate the great hall at Hogwarts, made Butterbeer and Firewhiskey labels to cover our beer with (Magic Hat, appropriately), had faaaar too much wizard themed food, and were extremely nerdy with HP related games and trivia.  Also, dry ice makes everything and anything loads more fun!

Thanks for coming, guys!  :B