Sera Myu photoshoot is being moved again to sometime in April, or possibly May.


Anime Boston 2008

Anime Boston was exhausting but fun. I sewed my Neptune costume together the night before we left, so it’s got a bit of wonk to it- I’m glad that all of the dying was out of the way early or I probably would have lost it and passed out on my sewing machine.

There is a huge amount of work to do in preparation for this weekend’s photoshoot, I kind of want to stab myself in the eye or sleep for the rest of the week, but sadly I have actual (not happy fun cosplay related) work to do on top of fun work, so I should really get going. Fun work seems like it should be an

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More dying. Forgot that the fabric for Uranus’s boob-bow needed to be dyed. Seriously, they need to sell fabrics in more colors, now my hands look like they’ve been dipped in toxic pee. The whole wearing latex gloves to dye stuff hasn’t worked so well for me, I usually manage to stick my whole arm into dye-tinted water at some point and make a nice hand-dye-marinade in the glove. Mmmmm tasty.
Finished my silly Neptune shoes, which somehow took the same amount of time as making a bodysuit. Figured out another way of attaching the sailor collars, so I think I’ll mess around with that, hopefully it looks better than my moon collar.
I’ve been shoving food in my face like it’s going out of style, so here’s hoping I fit into this costume this weekend. Filet mignon, banana stuffed french toast with strawberry butter, and stuffed mushrooms yuuuuuuuum. Man, now I want a snack.

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Due to stuff, our Myu shoot is being moved to the weekend of the 29th. I had a test run of sorts in the studio on Monday and the space is super fantastic. It’s huge and bright and I can move around without fear of crashing into five different things. Excellent! I’m unnaturally excited to take these photos, and I’m not sure if it’s because I miss camera playtime or because I want to be done with Myu so badly.
Also started sewing costumes for Anime Boston. I dyed the fabric for Uranus and Neptune’s bows last week and ended up putting it through a dye bath three times to get the right color. They couldn’t have just sold a nice navy fabric, huh? My hands are a fabulous shade of zombie blue now.

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Almost done with all of the Sera Myu things, it feels like it’s taken forever. Our photoshoot is scheduled for the weekend of the 15th, I have no idea if it’s going to take us one or two days to get all of these photos but I get the feeling it’s going to be kind of grueling. Luckily I’ve acquired studio space to use for it, which is downright awesome. I’ve learned that using my big photo backdrop is kind of comical in the apartment (not that that stops me). Still not sure how Kelly and I are going to transport all of the costumes, makeup, camera equipment, etc. to the studio. Man, logistics kill me.

I’ve been saving a bunch of our progress pictures from this whole Sera Myu craze- there are kind of a ton of them. It’s easy to forget the amount of work that went into these until I look back on the progress pictures and remember all of the pieces to each costume. Also, I forgot I have a half made Chibiusa wig. I swear my costume ADD is getting worse.

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