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While everyone and their mother is off having fantastic adventures at San Diego Comic Con, I am … not.  So, to distance myself (and my inner jealousy monster) from the stories of magical fairyland (SDCC) that are currently flooding my Twitter feed – I ran out to take some photos of this Catwoman costume from January.

I don’t like the fabric used for this- it was a sort of metallic black spandex (it was supposed to be a shiny stretch pvc/vinyl but… wasn’t).  I had brief delusions of making it out of latex (Guillem March’s and Adam Hughes’s Catwoman both seem to be fond of latex… )  I love the look of latex, but who in their right mind would fight/climb in it?  I wasn’t willing to tackle the task that would’ve been learning to work in latex at the time that I made this, so settled for this (much cheaper) alternative.

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