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Colored Shoes Tutorial

Maybe not so much of a tutorial, but details on how I put together a lot of my shoes for costumes.

I usually use pleather shoes for most costumes because I love the way they look!  Also, they accept paint easily.  So that helps.

There are some awesome options available for painting leather (and faux leather/pleather), but for the longest time I didn’t know about them and I just used acrylic paint and mod podge to color shoes.  It’s cheap, readily available, and I could mix pretty much any color I needed so that the shoes would match my costume.  Generally two-three coats of paint and one coat of mod podge is enough to cover the whole shoe.
The downside to using acrylic is that it can crack (particularly if you use it on tall boots, or anything which needs to flex a lot when you wear it).

For shoes that have extra straps (like Neptune’s and Uranus’s) I cut pieces of pleather, painted them, and sewed them to the shoes.  For Neptune’s I sewed a loop  of elastic to one end of the ankle strap and a button to the inside of the shoe that the loop hooks over.

I hope that helps someone!  I promise, having the strap on Neptune’s shoe match the rest of the shoe looks a lot nicer than using ribbon, and only takes a little bit more time to add on.

As a final note- there are paints made specifically for changing the color of shoes.  Angelus leather paint and Meltonian Nu-Life spray are two that I would absolutely recommend!  For any sort of boots, or shoe with a lot of movement the result is going to last longer using those paints rather than acrylic.

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Otakon 2008

Otakon’s over (thank goodness x_X) and wasn’t nearly as spectacular as I had hoped it would be. Basically didn’t do much cosplaying at all. Now, back to reality (augh, that’s always such a drag).
I’m looking forward to starting work on new projects, and after the bleh feeling that was Otakon I’m probably going to start cutting down my cosplaying at conventions- it’s just a huge pain in the butt and I don’t enjoy doing it so much. :/

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Anime Boston 2008

Anime Boston was exhausting but fun. I sewed my Neptune costume together the night before we left, so it’s got a bit of wonk to it- I’m glad that all of the dying was out of the way early or I probably would have lost it and passed out on my sewing machine.

There is a huge amount of work to do in preparation for this weekend’s photoshoot, I kind of want to stab myself in the eye or sleep for the rest of the week, but sadly I have actual (not happy fun cosplay related) work to do on top of fun work, so I should really get going. Fun work seems like it should be an

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More dying. Forgot that the fabric for Uranus’s boob-bow needed to be dyed. Seriously, they need to sell fabrics in more colors, now my hands look like they’ve been dipped in toxic pee. The whole wearing latex gloves to dye stuff hasn’t worked so well for me, I usually manage to stick my whole arm into dye-tinted water at some point and make a nice hand-dye-marinade in the glove. Mmmmm tasty.
Finished my silly Neptune shoes, which somehow took the same amount of time as making a bodysuit. Figured out another way of attaching the sailor collars, so I think I’ll mess around with that, hopefully it looks better than my moon collar.
I’ve been shoving food in my face like it’s going out of style, so here’s hoping I fit into this costume this weekend. Filet mignon, banana stuffed french toast with strawberry butter, and stuffed mushrooms yuuuuuuuum. Man, now I want a snack.

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Due to stuff, our Myu shoot is being moved to the weekend of the 29th. I had a test run of sorts in the studio on Monday and the space is super fantastic. It’s huge and bright and I can move around without fear of crashing into five different things. Excellent! I’m unnaturally excited to take these photos, and I’m not sure if it’s because I miss camera playtime or because I want to be done with Myu so badly.
Also started sewing costumes for Anime Boston. I dyed the fabric for Uranus and Neptune’s bows last week and ended up putting it through a dye bath three times to get the right color. They couldn’t have just sold a nice navy fabric, huh? My hands are a fabulous shade of zombie blue now.

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