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New York Comic Con 2012

The best word to describe New York Comic Con is crowded.  If there had been a fire we’d all have been trampled to death by the wave of humans.  Serious kudos to anyone who cosplayed at the con- moving around in normal clothes was a nightmare, I’m sure it was only more difficult in costume.  I only dressed up on Saturday (and almost didn’t even bother with that because of what a pain it was to move around the con) as Leia- which is pretty much just a frumpy frock.  I can’t imagine how exhausted the people in full body paint or armor must’ve felt by the end of the day.  Really, you had to plan your bathroom breaks to take into account that you’d be waiting in line for about half an hour before actually making it into the restroom.  On the show floor you’d have to be holding on to the people you were with or someone would get swept away by the crowd- and cell service was non-existent once the convention was underway.


Man, I am just full of whining about this convention and I really don’t mean for it to come off as ‘Horrible Experience 2012′ because that’s not what it was at all.  Sure, it was crowded- but there were some amazing guests.  I think this may be the first time I’ve ever gone to a convention and actually wanted to see guests.  I turned into a useless fangirly puddle over Fiona Staples and got my copy of Saga signed by her and Brian K. Vaughan which pretty much made all of my aggravation at the crowds worthwhile.

Finally, (and I feel kind of after school special for saying this, however true it may be) what really made the con was being able to hang out with people I don’t usually get to see and making new friends.  ♥