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Cosplay For A Cause

I was honored to be asked to take part in ‘Cosplay for a Cause’ – a project full of never before seen photos of cosplayers and illustrations from several professional comic book artists.  All proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross Society to assist in Japan’s Disaster relief aid.  For lots more information and ordering, check out the site:  CosplayforaCause.com


Seriously, it’s cool stuff.  😀

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Shiny Things (A Tiara Tutorial)

Since the last one was lost, I’ll… retype this.  ;__;

This is just a sort of simple tutorial for how I make my moony tiaras (and any other shiny things on costumes when I am feeling lazy).

Also, since this is a lot of text here is the short version:

Cut out craft foam and stick metallic spandex to it with spray adhesive or rubber cement.  Then attach other do-dads and stick the whole mess to your face.  Ta-da!

If that’s not what you wanted, here’s the long winded version:


  • Craft Foam (1 sheet of the thin (3mm) stuff)
  • Card stock or light plastic
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Cement/Contact Cement or Spray Adhesive
  • Gold Metallic Spandex (about 1 sq ft)
  • Glue (E-6000!)
  • Gem Thingy (Star or Oval Cabochon depending on what version you’re doing)
  • Bobby pins to attach this thing to your face (optional)

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I haven’t sewn anything in a while, but it has been freezing lately and a new duvet seemed like it would be a fun project… despite the fact that every design from Bob Moon looks really 80’s tastic.

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Cosplay wise I’ve still been kinda MIA. Busy with other things. :/
Still trying to finish my trade with Sean and I finally finished Bob’s winter school uniform- because that thing has been sitting unfinished in my closet for over a year. Pathetically enough I’ve made that skirt four times now and the top three times. How is it that the easiest things seem to give me the most trouble? And how is any of this a sane hobby? Really, sometimes I wonder.

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<3 Leo and Lou for the photos

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Haven’t been doing much cosplay stuff lately because of other work, I did grab a few pictures of my old ball costume before it gets packed away to storage foreverrrr… and then here’s some more random photos of the Sera Myu stuff that has taken over parts of the apartment.
Last fall I remade my Myu Eternal costume over completely- since my old one was really horrible, and I still haven’t gotten any photos of it. ;_;

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I finally gave in to my nit-pickings and bought a new Sailor Moon wig, which means hopefully next month I can get good pictures of all of those Usagi/Sailor Moon/Serenity costumes that have been piling up in my closet, yay! I’m at a bit of a standstill this month costume-wise while I’m busy with regular work.
Kelly and I were hoping to make it to the New York Cherry Blossom Festival next month, but plans for that fell through. Bummer.

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