Custom Fuku

Please be aware that these are made to order and will not ship right away. Estimated shipping date is listed below - if you need the fuku for a particular date, please include it in the comments when ordering. I do not accept rush orders.
If ordered now, fuku will ship out: CURRENTLY CLOSED

All fukus include:
  • White fuku with waist roll, sleeves, skirts, bows, brooch, and choker.

When ordering, please include the following measurements in the comments (if you forget, I'll email you for them!).
  • Height
  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Skirt Length (from opposite your bellybutton to however far down you'd like the skirt to go)
  • Around Neck
  • Around Upper Arm
  • Around Arm (Just above elbow)
  • Across Shoulders (behind neck)

  • If you would like a costume or accessory not listed below, please email me to get a quote.

    Please note that the add-ons may only be ordered with a fuku and are not sold individually.
    Classic Fuku Styles
    Super Fuku Styles
    Fuku Add-Ons